By | April 21, 2023

The Learning Teaching and Training Event was held on the dates of March, 1st, 2nd and 3rd of 2023 face to face with the full participation of the project partners.

In the first day of the meeting a Review of the Colibri project so far was made. All partners discussed about the outcome and results of the project.

Then the discussion went on a form of round table. All partners discussed about the lessons learned through the project and how they intend to  disseminate and implement the IO2 to their target groups, potential number of the final beneficiaries, the associated partners of each partners’ collaboration and etc.

In the second day, the meeting has started with the welcoming speeches of Demokritos participants. More specifically, Dr Constantin Makropoulos presented NCSR Demokritos research activities. Dr Homer Papadopoulos presented NCSR Demokritos role in the project, has shown the progress of NCSR responsibilities regarding the implementation and the dissemination of IOs.

In the following section NCSR Demokritos, Mobilizing Expertise, Vai Avante, CIVIC and SEGED presented their courses that were created in the framework of the project with the aim of empowering and increase capabilities of women entrepreneurs in the field of digital marketing, digital tools such as IoT, also increase women skills for social and professional integration.  

In the last Section invited speakers of NCSR Demokritos discussed with the participants.

Mr Andreas Stefanidis showed the role of  The Academy of Entrepreneurship as an organization of non-formal education and research in entrepreneurial topics in Greece. As a President & Managing Director Business Development of the Academy explained in detail the implementation of training and elearing services as well as their involvement in Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs and EU projects.

Dr Katerina Tzortzatou who is  Scientific Programme Officer at the Innovation Office & Operational Support of Lefkippos Tech Park showed her experience, the difficulties she faced and how she has finally succeeded in her occupational involvement.

The day closed with the discussion of the participants with the invited speakers and with the evaluation of the project

In the third day of the meeting the participants were hosted and visited Library, Institutes and the The Park of Attica “Lefkippos” at NCSR        Demokritos were discused with female entrepreneurs

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